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The Last Walkoff

Entry in the Evening Artwork

Entry in the Evening Artwork

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"Entry in the Evening" The idea

When I created this piece I had the Chemung Canal in Elmire New York come to mind.
Elmire was the home of the Pioneers. A class A Red Sox affiliate of the New York Penn league. The Chemung Canal runs along the back of the outfield fence and played a vital role in a Pioneer win.

In 1986 we had a night game and its was little misty out from a light rain. As the sun starts to set and light towers take over to illuminate the field, you guessed it, here come the BUGS. Not only bugs, but the biggest moths in North America. The Cecropia moth has a wing span of 5-7 inches.

As we are in the bottom of the 9th, tie game and runner on 3rd. The pitcher has an unwelcome guest that is the size of Northern Nevada Dove flying around the mound and an occasional fly by like Top Gun.

We have Joe Marchese up and hitting a crisp .207 for the year and things look doubtful. The pitcher comes to set in the stretch position, and in comes Maverick to dive bombing him. The pitcher steps off and gives a couple of swats at the moth with his glove. The crowd is intensely loud with 'eww' and 'ahh's as the moth gracefully and erratically makes movement around the mound.

The pitcher gets back on the rubber, comes to a set position again and THWACK. The moth hits him in the chest, he breaks his hands without stepping off and the umpire comes out of crouched position. BALK!!! He yells out. The runner from third scores and the Elmira Pioneers win the game due to a "BUG BALK"!!!

That story is a classic! It's kind of cool, I've had that story in the back of my mind for over 30 years and "The Last Walk Off" brought to the surface. Todd and I hope you get the same fun-filled memories come to the surface when view our stuff!

Thank you for your time.

"Ignore the Roar"


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